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Detong of Dadi Group Participating Yankuang Group “Lean, Informatization, Automation Operation and Maintenance” Technical Training Course



In order to improve the quality of management personnel and the management level of lean, informatization, automation operation and maintenance technology of Yankuang Group’s coal preparation plant, from May 28 to 30, 2019, Yankuang Group’s “Lean, Informatization, Automation Operation and Maintenance” technology of Coal Preparation Plant training courses were held in the Safety Skills Training Center of Yankuang Group. Dadi Group Tianjin Detong Electric Co., Ltd. sent a team of technical experts as the keynote speakers to participate in this training.

The training course was jointly organized by Yankuang Group Safety Supervision Bureau, Safety Skills Training Center and Coal Preparation Management Center. With the theme of “Strengthening Operation and Maintenance Skills, Striving for the Pioneer of Lean, Informatization, Automation”, the leaders and technical expertise of 13 coal preparation plants affiliated to Yankuang Group participated in the training. HU Nengying, Director of Safety and Safety Supervision Bureau of the Group Company, ZHANG Xuejun, Deputy Director of Coal Preparation Center, PANG Shanchang, Director of Safety Training Center, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

MU Guangbin, deputy Chief Engineer of Dadi Group Tianjin Tetong Electric Co., Ltd., FAN Lihua, Manager of Quality and Safety Department, and LIANG Chao, Automation Engineer, were the keynote speakers respectively on “Basic Knowledge and Maintenance of Monitoring System in CPP”, “Application and Maintenance of PLC in CPP”, “Maintenance of Frequency Converter and Motor Comprehensive Maintenance”, “Informatization Basis of CPP” and “Lean, Informatization, Automation Construction Prospect”, etc.. There were hot discussion and communication among speakers and trainees after the speeches.

Through this training and communication, it not only popularized the basic knowledge of “Lean, Informatization, Automation” for Yankuang Group Coal Preparation Plant, but also provided ideas and motivation for Detong Electric Intelligent Research and Development of Dadi Group.


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