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Group Company Organizing Internal Safety Inspection


From May 21 to 28, 2019, the safety inspection team led by HAN Fei, deputy General Manager of Dadi Engineering Development (Group) Co., Ltd., carried out inspections on safety production, environmental protection, occupational health and other aspects in the branches and departments of Dadi Group, including Comprehensive Office of Beijing Headquarters, Coal Design and Research Institute (Business Department), Green Mine Design and Research Institute (Business Department), Beijing Zhongkuang Boneng Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin branches (including Administration Department, Coal Preparation Institute, EPC Department), Tianjin Engineering Company and Aury (Tianjin) Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Aurst Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Weide Mining Equipment Co., Ltd., Tianjin Detong Electric Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, the projects under the operation of Dadi (Tianjin) Coal Preparation Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the construction projects of Coal Design and Research Institute (Business Department) and Tianjin Branch were also inspected.

This inspection covers the implementation of the responsibility system for production safety, the establishment and operation of safety management network, the establishment of rules and regulations, the operation rules for production safety, the management of safety routine meetings, the safety management of special equipment, operation tickets, safety management assessment, occupational safety and health, safety education and training, the management of special operators, fire control, safeguard, civilized construction, safety inspection and potential accident and danger investigation, emergency rescue and emergency drill, accident investigation and management, etc.

According to the arrangement of this inspection, all branches and companies completed the comprehensive self-inspection and self-correction of safety management. In the process of inspection, all branches and companies under inspection could attach great importance to the improvement suggestions, and the principal heads could actively supervise and feedback the improvement work.

Through this inspection, the safety situation of each unit of the Group were basically under control, and suggestions for improvement of management problems were put forward, which provided a valuable opportunity for the exchange of management experience between the units of the Group and promoted the improvement of the safety management of the whole group.







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